The Incredibles

The Incredibles,”  a movie made in 2004, is an animated movie that isn’t a comedy.  I’m sure the people at Pixar thought up a whole lot of jokes while they worked on it, but few made it into the movie.  In The Incredibles, a superhero family tries to fit in, but falls short.  The father secretly wants to get back into the superhero game, and his efforts lead the family to a fantastic adventure.

Animation from "The Incredibles."

The movie delivers an excellent story and exciting action, with exotic locations and interesting characters.  Brad Bird, the movie’s director and writer, also directed a wonderful movie called “The Iron Giant,” from 1999.  I liked The Iron Giant’s dark, gothic quality, and the creaking metal sound of the Iron Giant as he walked.  I prefer animated movies like these rather than nonstop gag and yapfests such as “Monsters, Inc.” from 2001.

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