A Night to Remember

On Sunday, May 1, at 5:00 PM, the San Francisco International Film Festival presents “Retour de Flamme:  Rare and Restored Films in 3-D.”  Retour de flamme means “flashback” in English.  Serge Bromberg, an engaging showman, producer and film preservationist, presents the show.  I saw Bromberg put on a similar show at the 2007 San Francisco Silent Film Festival, and it proved to be a great event.  This time, Bromberg will include sound films in his presentation.

Arrival of a Train

The presentation, also called “An Afternoon with Serge Bromberg,” runs at the Castro Theatre, 429 Castro Street (near Market), San Francisco, CA, USA.  The films include the following:  Musical Memories (Dave Fleischer, USA 1953, 7 min), Working for Peanuts (Jack Hannah, USA 1953), Motor Rhythm (John Norling, USA 1940, 15 min), Arrival of a Train and other shorts (1935, Auguste Lumière, Louis Lumière), Lumber Jack-Rabbit (Chuck Jones, USA 1954, 7 min), 3-D Experiments by René Bunzli (France 1900), Melody (Ward Kimball, USA 1953, 10 min), Falling in Love Again (Munro Ferguson, Canada 2003, 4 min), Knick Knack (John Lasseter, USA 1989, 4 min), The Infernal Boiling Pot (George Méliès, France 1903, 2 min), The Oracle of Delphi (George Méliès, France 1903, 2 min),Parafargamus the Alchemist (George Méliès, France 1903, 2 min), Fur of Flying (Matthew O’Callaghan, USA 2010, 3 min) and Coyote Falls (Matthew O’Callaghan, USA 2010, 3 min).

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