Character Actors

Some actors make me smile every time I see them on the screen.  They made the Golden Age of Hollywood great.  I’m thinking of actors such as the stodgy Franklin Pangborn, the highly suspicious William Demarest, the conniving Eric Blore, the blunt Marjorie Main, and the stentorian Eugene Pallette.  They appeared as fathers, mothers, store clerks, crooked politicians, con men and hotel managers and always added a dose of wit and charm to a Hollywood movie.

I wouldn’t necessary seek out every Edward Everette Horton or Edward Arnold film, but I find delight in getting to see Horton act with Ronald Colman in “Lost Horizon” from Columbia Pictures in 1937, and watching Arnold ham it up as the crooked industrialist in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” from Frank Capra and Columbia in 1939.  Thelma Ritter, another great character actor (she appeared in “Miracle on 34th Street) won a Tony for best actress in 1958 on Broadway and was nominated for 6 Academy Awards.  She never won but continued to turn in memorable performances.

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