Heavenly Days

In 1944, RKO Radio Pictures made a Fibber McGee and Molly vehicle called “Heavenly Days.”  Jim (Fibber) and Marian (Molly) Jordan play a daffy couple who decide to take a trip to Washington to tell the Senate how to run the country.

Fibber is on the right, and Molly is in the middle.

Full of snappy, radio-style dialogue, the married couple cause a scandal when Fibber interups the Senate proceedings to tell Senator Bigbee (the massive and stentorian-voiced Eugene Pallette) that the government should concern itself with the problems of the “average man.”  Bigbee retorts that the average man should learn how government really works and vote!

During the movie, the McGee’s befriend some European war orphans and Fibber gets an appointment to a special government research committee.  They also meet George Gallop, who comes upon the idea of polling the masses while talking about the average man with Fibber.   Gallop could have at least played himself; an actor named Donald Douglas played the Gallop part.  The funniest line:  Fibber says (to his secretary), “I don’t wish to be disturbed…unless the phone rings, or somebody wants to see me.”

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