Italian Silent Festival

I want to spend the first 10 days of October 2011 in Pordenone, Italy, to see the 30th Pordenone Silent Film Festival.  Us fans of silent film wait eagerly for the posting of the program, as I do every year for the San Francisco Silent Film Festival July event.  So far, no program appears on the Pordenone festival website — at

However, they promise to show “The Wind,” the wonderful Lillian Gish film directed by Victor Seastrom in 1928.  I saw this film in 2009 at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival — what a treat!  I can still hear the sound of the vintage manual wind machines (hand cranked!) set up in the Castro Theater in San Francisco for the event.

Pordenone lies about 100 kilometers north of Venice, which is not too far off the beaten path.  The continuing commitment to silent film of festivals like Perdenone, San Francisco (, Kansas ( and other places does so much to encourage the preservation of silent films.  They say 75% of these films are lost.   I already attend both the winter and summer events of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival every year.  My goal is to attend the Pordenone events and write about it here.  I love the extended format of the Pordenone festival, which enhances the artistic discussion and scholarship of silent era films.

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