Mexican Cinema

Ninon Sevilla stars as Elena in “Aventurera,” a 1950 Mexican film that remains a fascinating example of Mexican cinema.  Sevilla reminds me of a Cuban Alice Faye, who famously played in the movie “Weekend in Havana,” which also stars Carman Miranda.  Faye could dance a bit and sang great songs, but Sevilla could really move while performing the wonderful production numbers in the movie, including the Chiquita banana song — which mimics Carman Miranda’s wonderful song in “The Gang’s All Here” from 1943.  Sevilla is also considerably sexier than Alice Faye, with a wicked attitude.

Ninon Sevilla in Aventurera

The plot revolves around revenge.  After her mother runs off with another man, Elena’s father kills himself.  Elena trusts the shady Lucio, but he sells her to a brothel/nightclub.  Although Elena becomes a singing sensation in the club, she seeks revenge on the madam/club owner by marrying his squeaky clean lawyer son.  Lots of highly dramatic soap opera episodes occur between production numbers, until Elena gets her revenge.  The films is like a Carman Miranda musical combined with a Mexican soap opera combined with a film noir.  After seeing this classic of Mexican cinema, I hope to see more Mexican movies soon.

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