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Pordenone, Italy — Le Giornate Del Cinema Muto announces a program of Mexican films for their 2013 silent film festival in Pordenone, Italy on October 5-12, 2013.  The Festival sent a press release in Italian saying they will be working closely with the cinematheque (Filmoteca) at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico to present Mexican silent films.   Since saving this heritage involves a considerable expense, the program will receive support from the Mexican government.

The Mexican program at the Pordenone festival includes the following:

  • Documentaries about the Mexican revolution and its heroes Emiliano Zapata and Francisco (Pancho) Villa.
  • Feature films starring Mexicans known in Hollywood such as Dolores Del Rio, Lupe Velez and Ramon Novarro.
  • A tribute to Eisenstein in Mexico — with titles such as “¡Que Viva México!” from 1932 and Thunder Over Mexico from 1933.

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